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Support Other Poppies

Poppie is from Afghanistan. He was lucky. Many other cats are not. But, there is hope and you can help. Without the help of the Afghan Stray Animal League, Poppie would not have made it to the U.S.

As stated on its website:


The league is a private non-profit organization in the U.S. that operates and supports a shelter and low-cost veterinary clinic for homeless, abandoned, sick or injured small animals in Afghanistan. The shelter is located in a refurbished house in Kabul, the Afghan capital, which has a large population of neglected street dogs and cats as well as thousands of backyard animals such as goats and donkeys whose owners cannot afford treatment for them.


The Animal shelter arranged everything - from the necessary medical support to logistics. By shipping Poppie and other animals, the Afghan Stray Animal League provides sufficient income to sustain its important work in Afghanistan.

More information on how to support the Animal Shelter and the Afghan Stray Animal League is available here.

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