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Poppie Transits Through Pakistan - 2008

Pakistan's Certificate of Health that allowed Poppie to transit to the West in 2008 - click to enlargeTigger House arranged for Poppie to fly through Islamabad to New York.  He couldn’t come with us since we had to fly through Dubai and they had complicated quarantine issues.  First, Poppie flew on a short flight from Kabul to Islamabad, on which he did not do well.  I was getting calls and emails that Poppie was ill, though some of the concern stemmed from the vet in Pakistan not knowing about Poppie’s pre-existing condition.

He did have a fever but of course recovered.  The next hurdle was getting him on the plane to New York. Pakistan International Airlines had strange rules about not putting dogs and cats together in cargo or refusing to fly animals at all when other more lucrative cargo could go, so Poppie was stuck in Islamabad for quite awhile.  Every week we waited for the news that he was on his way but it didn’t come for one reason or another.

As it happened of course, the one week he was arriving, we were going to be in Boston for a long awaited function.   We had to have someone pick him up at JFK airport.  This person did this often for animals coming in from Afghanistan.  We were very nervous about Poppie flying for so many hours and waited anxiously for the phone call that he had arrived safely.  He did arrive and spent a pleasant week in Long Island.  Pam Constable, the founder of the Afghan Stray Animal League, brought him down to Washington, DC where we all live, with two dogs she flew in with from Pakistan. Pam and a friend got the full brunt of Poppie’s unhappiness (Pam’s comment: “I didn’t know he had so many meows in him.”).  Even with an emergency stop for a McDonald’s treat and a cuddle on a lap, he persisted.  We picked him up at Pam’s house the next morning with a large donation for Tigger House.

More documents supporting Poppie's rather complicated departure from Afghanistan (click on image to enlarge):

Poppie_pakistan_immunization Poppie_pakistan_immunization
Poppie_pakistan_immunization1 Poppie_pakistan_immunization1
Poppie_pakistan_immunization2 Poppie_pakistan_immunization2

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+1 # Peter M. 2011-03-06 15:06
Would like to receive more information on the vet you used in Pakistan. I have a cat in Kabul and like to bring it to Denmark.

Thank you very much!
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